Saturday, April 4, 2009

Davao FAT2: Pepper & Peppers

I have to be honest, I was decidedly dazed when we went to dine at Pepper & Peppers. I must have left my brains at the Xcelerator Camp since I had just gotten engaged a few minutes before heading down for Pepper & Peppers. I barely remember getting in Drew's  SUV, picking up Juned, Maki and Manolo at Casa Leticia and finally getting myself in Pepper & Peppers. I do remember though that the owner is a very pretty lady! (So sorry I was on cloud 9 during lunch).

Pepper & Peppers superstar is the iberian chicken. I could only sniff the heavenly smell and keep myself from drooling all over the baked chicken, while I enviously watched my fiance, Jayvee, Fritz and Drew sample the chicken.  (I have unfortunately developed an allergy for chicken). If you plan to eat the iberian chicken better pre-order it 2 hours before going to the resto.

I absolutely loved the tender spare-ribs and I think that's what I ate the most while we were there (thanks to Drew who just kept putting `em on my plate!). 

The fish fillet was also great (not so sure if that's what this is called) and it's very tasty. 

I also found the krispy sisig very unusual. 

Pepper & Peppers
The Site
Jacinto ext. (near Bangko Sentral)
+(82) 303-5955

Must haves: iberian chicken and spare ribs
Can do without: sisig (it's okay, but I found it a bit dry)
Price range: PhP250 is safe
The Lakwatsera's Rating: must have the spare ribs again!


  1. sobrang nagutom ako sa pictures..

  2. Totoo? You did not touch the chicken? Onga, it was out first meal after the very memorable "scene" we witnessed sa Xcelerator. Sarap ng chickon na to. Ayan, ginutom na ako ng tuluyan hehe.

  3. never knew we have so many yummy places here.. nakakagutom