Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter Clothes List for Pinoys

There are so many beautiful places to see and with the easing of visa applications to some winter wonderlands a lot of Pinoys are now visiting cold places. When my sister heard I was visiting Zurich a few years back she made sure that I would be properly dressed for the cold weather. During that time we didn't have Uniqlo yet in Manila so getting winter clothes was limited to Cartimar, some of the branded shops and UK UK of course. My sister ended up buying some of my things in the US and sent it through her husband.

One thing I realized was the weather in Europe can be colder compared to Asian countries that experience winter. Well even with that difference it's still better to bundle up. Here's the the top to toe list my sister sent me:

- bonnet, preferably one that can cover your ears
- ear muffs, can do without if you have a good bonnet and coat that has a hood
- mask, useful if you have a hard time breathing in cold weather

Top Body
- sando, I still wear one under the Heattech undergarment for extra warmth
- Heattech undergarment (long-sleeves)
- Heattech sweater
- winter coat, better to get the parka jacket with faux fur hood (better to get a size bigger since you'll be piling up with clothes)
- gloves and scarf
- and maybe another sweater to put over your Heattech sweater when it's really cold

- Heattech leggings
- Heattech pants, some people can survive with jeans but I can't (I love the Uniqlo Heattech pants, it's like wearing a blanket haha)
- I usually put on a pair of stockings before wearing Heattech leggings

- Heattech socks and I usually add a pair of cold weather socks from Daiso
- it's also good to invest in a pair of winter shoes (the one with furry lining is the best) and snow shoes if you plan to walk around

Always keep your head, ears, hands and feet covered (and well the rest of your body), but these are the parts that easily get cold. And always wear a bonnet at night, mahirap nang mahamugan! If you're planning to have a vacation at a cold, cold place, make sure to earmark some budget for these clothes (around PhP10K should do).