Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jumbo Kingdom

The last time I was at the floating restaurant - Jumbo Kingdom - was for a friend's wedding reception. That was last year during a typhoon and I could say it was a dizzying experience because the place was rocking like you're in a boat. But the food was great and since it was a Chinese wedding, it came by the hordes... one after another.

Anyway, I had the chance to hang out in the area last night when Sweetie brought me there to see the Manila Bay sunset. So I ended up playing with my camera's settings trying to get a nice photo of the restaurant by the bay -


I have very happy childhood memories of Dayrit's. My Dad used to bring there there as a child and I would always ooh and aah about how huge their burgers are. I must say they have the biggest burgers in town (that I know of) and I was really, really sad when they had to close their Magallanes branch for a long time because the whole place was bulldozed for new developments. The Buendia branch was just really too far and well, I love the Magallanes branch coz that's where I've been going since I was a kid

It was only last night that I finally managed to finish off one whole cheeseburger. I know I should've measured the diameter of the burger, but I was just really hungry and after taking a photo I just dove in.

What makes Dayrit's burger special is its, well, special sauce. I don't really know what goes in it, but it's been the same burger since I was four years old. It's meaty, juicy and has the right mix of spices and mayonnaise (I looooove mayonnaise!!!). Dayrit's doesn't only have burgers, they have an extensive menu (that I haven't tried because I'm loyal to their burgers) and my Dad, friends and colleagues said that everything is yummy and malasa.

Here's a photo of the roast beef Sweetie had last night:

Dayrit's has been around for decades (I dunno how many) and you just really got to go there and eat! They have a branch in Magallanes and Buendia (QC? not sure).

Monday, October 8, 2007

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the Other One

When I was a kid I managed to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum located at Washington, D.C. I'm not a kid anymore (hehe) and there's a new museum near the Dulles Airport at Washington and they call it The Other Air and Space Museum. I've been fascinated by airplanes and spaceships ever since I could remember, so I dragged my sister to go with me to see the new museum and here are some stuff I got to see:

The Enterprise, a space ship that never actually went to space.

The meanest ship I've seen in my life, but it's the fastest running one.

The Enola Gay which dropped the bomb at Hiroshima.

A really cute ship. Just add a smile and it looks like a cartoon character.

And here are more photos from the exhibit: