Thursday, April 2, 2009

Davao FAT2: Kangaroo (Coffee Shop)

There are coffee shops and there are coffee shops, but when Drew excitedly told me about his new find (Kangaroo) in Davao, I knew that this was a must-go-to coffee place. 

The first time I went to Kangaroo was back in October 2008 when it was pretty new. When we arrived I was very pleased with the shop's set up since it was bright (and not glare-y) and spacious. The shop also did not just have boring tables and chairs, but had a mixture of cozy sofas and nooks where you can have some privacy. And most importantly, they have free wifi! I definitely looked forward to visiting again for Davao FAT2.

Kangaroo is quite known for the rare civet coffee (PhP300 per cup). My friends say that it's good and worth the price. I wasn't able to sample it on both occassions since coffee keeps me up and we went in the evening. I like the fact that Kangaroo serves its hot drinks on very big mugs.


Aside from various beverages, Kangaroo serves different cakes and pastries. Just looking at the selection below makes me want to log-off from my PC now and head for Davao. They served us yummy chocolate mint cookies (I have no idea if there's another place that serves that kind of cookies).  

An outstanding addition to Kangaroo were the artworks from various local artists (also for sale). I think it's a clever idea since it would boost awareness for local art. 

I wish coffee shops here in Manila would emulate Kangaroo. It's definitely a good place to hang-out with your friends.

Kangaroo Coffee Club
Corner of Tionko and Mapa streets
Davao City
Tel. 082-222-2800 or 222-2766 

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