Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chipotle and Second Street

My sister says that my niece kept on gushing about Chipotle. My niece loves eating spicy food (must be the Bicolana in her) and kept saying that Chipotle is a good place to eat at, so when my sister and I went to go see the Bodies exhibit we decided to grab a bite first (in case we lost our appetite during the exhibit). We headed off to Chipotle and I must say it was quite yummy and filling.

I had a soft taco with chicken. I couldn’t walk after eating coz they served 3 tacos!

My sister had a taco salad. She said it was a bit spicy, but definitely filling.

Last Sunday, we drove down to Williamsburg to visit my niece, Celina, who’s a sophomore at Willaim & Mary’s. She’s taking up Biology and said she wants to do cancer research (she is really brainy and is a scholar). I had lunch with the whole family at Second Street and had a chicken salad sandwich. I think I must’ve gained 5 pounds after the meal. LOL.