Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Davao FAT2: Lachi's Sansrival Atbp.

We were busted for going to Lachi's before the scheduled Davao FAT2 visit and I admit it was MY IDEA. Hey I'm addicted to Lachi's and since Lachi's is a good 2 hours by plane from where I live, I should be forgiven for masterminding the plan.

I had pork marinara twice that day. (Need I say more?).

I can boast that I eat Bicol food since I can remember because that's where my parents hail from. I can testify then that the Laing Pasta is authentic and uberrrr saraaaap!

I certainly enjoyed the ube panacotta and the creme brulee which is not served in the restaurant according to Mike (one of the twin owners), but is usually offered when they cater for weddings (I wonder if I can order some for my wedding hmmm...).

The creme brulee was heavenly! I licked off every single bit from the spoon. 

Also had my favorite Lachi's sansrival almost everyday in Davao (and I also took home a box!).

And how can you say no to these mouth-watering desserts?

Lachi's Sanz Rival Atbp.
Ruby St., Marfori Village
Davao City
Tel No: 082-224-5552

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Davao FAT2: Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant

This is the first of a series of posts I will be making about the recent Davao Food Appreciation Tour, fondly called the Davao FAT which was organized and sponsored by DavaoDeli.com and DavaoFoodie.com. I had so much fun during the pioneer run of the Davao FAT last year and I made sure I'd be there again this year (booked flights last December just to be sure!).

The first stop we went to was Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant. It was raining hard when we arrived and I was quite excited to start sampling the food. 

We were served a lot of dishes and I was really envious that my friends managed to sample the california maki. I am unfortunately allergic to crab and I could just watch my friends with envy as they popped in one maki after another.

And since most of them ate a lot of maki I said that I would get a bigger share of the sashimi. As expected the raw tuna was fresh and not malansa.  

There were many other dishes, but for me the superstars for the day were the Sukiyaki and the Atuyaki Tofu. The sukiyaki was heaven. It just had the right amount of herbs and spices and wasn't salty, the noodles too were al dente

The atuyaki tofi was a surprise. I've tried other tofu dishes and most of them were "disjointed", meaning the tofu and the dish weren't "one". The atuyaki tofu was cooked perfectly and I couldn't stop adding the sauce to my rice. 

Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant
Damosa Business Center, 
Mamay Road, Lanang, Davao City

Must haves: Sukiyaki and Atuyaki Tofi

Can do without: the iced green tea, it was too bitter

Price range: my friend said they get really stuffed with just PhP250

The Lakwatsera's Rating: must have the Sukiyaki again!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paradise Island Beach Resort, Samal Island

The last time I was in Samal Island was 2 years ago and it was really a pleasant experience. I made sure during our trip to Davao I'd be able to sneak in a few hours (even it meant waking up really early) to visit the island again.

Our friends, the panggas Markku and Hana and new-found friend Maki, joined Sweetie and I on an early morning Samal Island adventure. I just got instructions from my Davao-based friend, Rex, and the resort, Paradise Island, how to get there. And it took us about 20 minutes only!

We first took a cab to Kilometer 9, Sasa Wharf (just tell the driver to bring you where you can get a bangka to Paradise Island or Costa Marina).

Then we rented a bangka for just PhP100 since we were just 5 people. If there's 7 and more you just pay PhP15 each.

Then we paid the entrance fee of PhP100 and dove in the inviting sea water! I loved the fact that the sand was almost white and there weren't any scary rocks that you might step on. And there were fish swimming with us!

And then we ate and ate and ate.

And then walked around a bit and found out that the resort had a bird sanctuary, rooms for rent and a massage place (by the beach)!

And then we hurriedly hopped in another bangka to get to Davao City in time for our first Davao FAT adventure at Tadakuma. 

How to get to Samal Island the Lakwatsera way:

1. Take a plane to Davao.
2. Take a cab to Kilometer 9 Sasa Wharf.
3. Take the bangka either to Paradise Island or Costa Marina.

And you're there na! It just takes 15 to 20 minutes from Davao city (and nearer if you go straight from the airport).

Taxi from Davao City: approximately PhP120
Bangka (ferry): PhP15 each (or pay PhP100 to charter one if you're less than 7)
Entrance fee at Paradise Island: PhP100 each
Food: inexpensive, we just ordered a lot! (You can budget between Php100-200, may fruit shake na yan!)

Other info:
Paradise Island Room Rates: PhP1,700 to 2,500

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Island Garden City of Samal
Davao del Norte
Philippines 8118
+63(82) 233-0251/234-1229/300-2343

If you're afraid to get lost, go give Manong Bong Roldan a ring +63920-8559978. He's the nicest taxi driver ever and you can also hire him to give you a day tour of Davao.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Italiannis' Small Price for Big Lunch

I love pasta and Italianni's is one of my favorite places to dine in, that's why I jumped at the chance to sample their new big lunch promo menu.

They had 6 new dishes lined up for sampling, but I think the star of the night was the Costina Brasatta (braised ribs). It's loin back ribs braised in tomatoes and red wine, flavored with herbs and garlic and served with spaghetti alio e olio and grilled vegetables. According to chef Sonny Ong they bake the ribs for 3 hours! And you can literally brush off the meat from the bone. Ganun kalambot! 

I also loved the Pesci in Vino Bianco (fish fillet in white wine). The fillet was simmered in white wine and herbs and served with spaghetti aglio e olio and grilled vegetables. The fillet melts in your mouth!

Other dishes include: Pollo con Rucola (chicken with arugula), Manzo di Arrosto (roasted rib eye), Marinata del Manzo di Arrosto (beef pot roast) and the Spiedo del Pollo e Dei Pesci (fish and chicken skewer). I got bewitched by the first two dishes that's why I did not try the rest of the dishes, but my companions said that they were made in heaven too. 

My son was overjoyed with the dessert too. 

And I also loved the salad.

Price Range: PhP295 to PhP350

Italianni's has braches at the following locations: Gateway, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 2, Greenhills, Libis, SM Megamall, Bonifacio High Street, Mall of Asia, Tomas Morato, Alabang Town Center and Trinoma. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Longest Zipline in Asia (Xcelerator)

The first time I went on a zipline was in Cagayan de Oro 4 or 5 years ago. It was pretty scary since you had to go through the canopy walk and I did not expect that the crew had to swing me several times before they set me off (they said I was too light and I might not reach the end!). It was a dizzying experience since it was just me and the trees and the caves about a hundred feet below. I thought that would be the first and last time I would go on a zipline.

Fast forward to 2008 when we unexpectedly got the chance to try the zipline at Eden. I was pretty relaxed then because the line wasn't that long and I could see my friends at the end of the line. I even managed to take a video.

Last weekend, as part of the Davao F.A.T. (food appreciation tour), we had an adventure at the Xcelerator. The adventure was an out of this world experience since one had to cross the river (via a raft) and then do some trekking. It took me a long time to get to the platform since I had to take a lot of breaks. It was a totally satisfying experience (and more!).

Here's a video of my adventure:

Zipline per person: PhP300 (discounted when you go for a second round)

Diversion Road, Maa
Across from The GAP Farm

Contact Number:

outland _ adventure (at) hotmail DOT com

*Photo by Hana Belo

Friday, March 13, 2009

Davao: Belly's Grill

When I was going through some old photos I saw some snaps I took at Belly's Grill in Davao. I remember going there with my Davao buddies who swore that the resto served the yummiest food around.

Baked Oysters


Kinilaw (really fresh!)

Another kind of yummy fish (forgot the name)

And they were right!

Belly's Grill
Quirino Avenue, Davao City
+(6382) 305-1000

Monday, March 9, 2009

Malagos Garden Resort (Davao)

Last year I got a chance to visit one of Davao's flora and fauna rich resorts back in 2007 - the Malagos Garden Resorts! My friends Andrew, Blogie and Migs accompanied me to see the sights. I forgot to blog about it since I was quite busy during that time, but finally remembered it when Winston asked me to look for a photo. And that was when I suddenly remembered the cute little ostriches and the many different birds that we saw. There were also quite a number of flora which I'm sure my Mom would enjoy if she was with me.

Here are some photos which I took during that day:

View more photos in my Picasa Web Album:

Contact Info:
Malagos Garden Resort
Malagos, Baguio, Davao City
+(6382) 221-1545

Friday, March 6, 2009

Biksa Coffee

I had a lovely time at Biksa Coffee in Marikina last weekened with friends - Migs, Melo, Gail, Marc, Sha, Karla and Sweetie! It was the perfect place to go to after having dinner at Krung Thai. 

Here's a photo of the love seat featured in a TV show (all photos by JayDJ).


And a little tea pot for me.

What I loved most about the place is the atmosphere and free wifi! 

Biksa Coffee is located at (near BDO):
18 Gil Fernando Avenue corner
Dragon Street, Marikina City

Monday, March 2, 2009

Krung Thai

Krung Thai came highly recommended, so I thought that I definitely had to try it out the next time I went to Marikina. That day came last weekened when I attended the wifi-testing of SM Marikina. We headed to Krung Thai after the event.

I'm not into spicy food. So Sweetie and I ordered food that wasn't spicy. This is what we had (all photos by Sweetie):

Spring rolls for appetizer

Pork Satay

Pad Thai

Thai Style Iced Tea

Gail, Marc, Sha and Karla had crab rice.

Migs had this set meal, veggies with bagoong rice. 

The food was relatively cheap and there were a lot of families coming in and out to eat. Krung Thai is definitely an alternative to the usual fast food. I liked the spring rolls (though it was a bit oily). The pad thai though tasted more like mee-goreng and the satay lacked the taste of peanuts (I think it tasted more like Indian barbecue than Satay). 

Must have: Thai iced tea

Can do without: Satay

Price range: PhP150 per person (servings are huge, so you better share)

The Lakwatsera's Rating: alternative to fast food