Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Backpacking to Boracay

Would you be able to resist your unico hijo's pleading brown eyes? That's precisely what pushed me to backpack with Miguel to Boracay. I had given up finding an available flight out to Bora, but of course the internet has vast resources and I found available seats ten hours before the scheduled flight. I just had to bring Miguel to Boracay. So off we went and here are some photos from our trip:

And here's a glimpse of Boracay:

And how much it cost:

Plane ticket Manila to Caticlan (Asian Spirit) - PhP2,600 each
Plane ticket Kalibo to Manila (Cebu Pacific) - PhP2,500 each
Domestic Airport Terminal Fee - PhP200 each
Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee - PhP40 each
(But if you go Cebu Pacific both way's it's just PhP4,000)

Tricycle to Jettyport - PhP40
Terminal Fee - PhP20
Ferry - PhP19.50
Environmental Fee - PhP50
Tricycle to Station 2 - PhP25 each (for a group of 4)

Accommodation (Roque's Place) - PhP1,000 to 1,200 during off-season

Food - PhP200/meal (better eat at Andok's coz you'll get a good deal and you can share)
Trinkets for Pasalubong - PhP1o to 30 each
T-shirts - Buy 1 Take 1 for PhP150 only

Van to Kalibo - PhP85.00
Tricycle to Kalibo airport - PhP70