Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zoori at Enchanted Kingdom

I've been to Enchanted Kingdom countless of times and I must say that their jingle always works on me. It gets me excited whenever I hear it as I enter the park. My last visit to Enchanted Kingdom last year was quite a challenge for me since we got to experience the Magicalympics. Inasmuch as my team finished last we still had a blast (we were all misfits so the physical activity was truly a huge challenge for us) and were keen on finishing the course by hook or by crook.

I was looking forward to our trip to EK last weekend because we were stuck at home for several days because of the Holy Week. We didn't plan to go on a trip since I still, uh, had work to do. So I was raring to go to EK and Myla said they had a surprise for us.

Surprisingly it just took us 15 minutes from Bicutan to Petron SLEX. There weren't that many cars so while waiting we took our time having breakfast at McDonald's. It just took us about 6 minutes to get to EK from Petron. We didn't wait long for the bus that brought some of our friends to EK and we immediately went around.  The first ride we took was the Rialto and then we hung out by the Space Shuttle to take some shots. (Yeah, yeah we all chickened out. I've gone on the Space Shuttle several times in the past).

We then had our lunch at Amazon Grill and then Enchanted Kingdom and the Yupangco Group (of Zoobic and Residence Inn fame) executives unveiled their partnership. They put together an exhibit called, "Zoori's Adventure" where park goers can learn more about how lions live. I got to experience how lions walk through caves (I crawled) and couldn't imagine how they could have perfect balance on inclines. I definitely had a hard time walking on the narrow path and had to take off my shoes. It was fun though and I hope I can come back to get a lion stuffed toy!

Because it was such a hot day we were determined to try out the RioGrande Rapids. It was my first time to try out the ride and good thing I heeded the advise, "Expect to get wet." I placed all of my stuff in a plastic bag before I put it in my bag. I was wet from neck down. And since we were all wet anyway we went for another round. We dried out by riding the Flying Fiesta (lol!). Next time aside from an extra shirt and shorts I'd bring slippers and undies! It was so much fun and refreshing and I'll surely go on the RioGrande Rapids again.

We planned to go home at around 5:30 in the afternoon but ended up staying for another hour and a half since we were having so much fun. It was also great to meet two new friends, Eric and Eric! And hang out with Winston and Coy. The day was truly a fun-filled family day. Thanks EK!

And here's a short video I did about Enchanted Kingdom (okay I confess, I just want to have a video of the special moment I experience whenever I step inside of EK).

Note to Self (Reminders):
1. Bring sunscreen.
2. Bring complete set of extra clothes and slippers.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Miggy's Supertacos

Miggy's has been around since I was in college and is one of my favorite restaurants. They serve burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, chimichanga and other Mexican food. I absolutely love their super burrito (especially the chicken filled ones when I wasn't allergic to chicken yet) and quesadilla. I remember when they had a branch in Better Living, Paranaque I would go there at least once a week either for lunch or merienda. I was really sad that the branch closed.

I am not sure if the other Miggy's branches they had before are still open, but the only one I know that is still open is the one located at President's Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque (near the entrance to Tahanan Village). I would've been in Miggy's heaven again weekly if we pushed through with our plan to live in Tahanan Village.

With so many new restaurants around Miggy's is trailing far behind already, I hope they manage to bring back the oomph it had before. I still love eating there though.

Miggy's Supertacos
President's Avenue,
BF Homes, Paranaque
(near the entrance of Tahanan Village)

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