Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Hello Kitty Themed Airport (Taipei)

A few years ago I was able to experience the Hello Kitty flight from Taipei to Tokyo. It was a great experience and I posted about the experience on my main blog. On this post I wanted to show what I experienced pre-boarding. At that time my flights out of Taiwan took me to another section of the airport. The Hello Kitty flight operated by Eva Air was situated on the opposite side where I usually boarded my slight. 

It was a huge surprise for me to see that the other section of the boarding gates was dedicated to Hello Kitty! For a weary traveler like me, that was a whole new experience. Usually hallways to boarding gates are normally just gray and boring. The Hello Kitty/Sanrio themed area was a delight to go through since it took my mind off boarding another plane to get to another country for more work. 

Here are some photos from that experience -

Even my boarding pass had Hello Kitty all over it. I think aside from Taipei Airport, Narita airport also had sections of it dedicated to Hello Kitty and Sanrio. It's no surprise since the character originated from Japan. I think kids nowadays still know who Hello Kitty is because I have a Hello Kitty hand sanitizer dangling on my bag. It usually catches the attention of kids (haha). I didn't have that many Hello Kitty stuff growing up and going on the Hello Kitty flight was truly an amazing experience for me. 

Read more about the flight experience on: An Apple a Day.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Our Chillax Vacation in Bohol

We picked up where we left off in 2019 and chose Bohol for our first family vacation. We had no intention of doing the usual touristy stuff, so we selected a resort based on our needs. I wanted a resort that had a nice beach front. Sweetie dining places to be more accessible. And Miggy wanted a nice room with a comfortable bed. After doing a lot of research we decided to stay at Modala Beach Resort. 

Modala Beach Resort just opened it's doors last year. From videos we saw it had a nice beach front and it had a mall adjacent to it. We got a beach front room and was pleasantly surprised that we were given a really nice room with two double beds. It was also spacious and perfect for the three of us (we prefer staying in the same room whenever we travel). The room had the perfect view of Doljo Beach from the balcony. 

We always ate breakfast slowly. They had a lot of options for food (mostly Filipino) and the staff were all very friendly. Just a stone's throw away is the beach. We really enjoyed going for a swim. The resort also lent paddle boards and ginormous yoga mats for free (I think they also have kayaks). It really hit our need for some vitamin sea. 

Here's a short travel diary of our fun time in Panglao -

Here's resources on how we organized our vacation:

Modala Beach Resort

Cebu Pacific Air

Monday, August 15, 2022

Happy Tummies in Bohol

Our last family vacation in 2019 was in Bohol. We felt bitin, so we used Sweetie's travel fund to book a flight to Tagbilaran. Our main goal for the vacation was to chill, relax, eat good food and have some vitamin sea.

We chose a hotel with a nice beach front. It was a big plus that it had a mall adjacent to it. That meant we didn't need to head out just to eat. Here's where we ate --

Here's the list:

Mooon Cafe

Bohol Bee Farm

Rojo Grill & Bar Restaurant

La Vara

Gilligan's (we were so hungry we forgot to vlog!)

There are other restaurants in the area, but we chose those that had good reviews by Google Local Guides. You can find those reviews when you use Google Maps.