Sunday, April 12, 2009

Davao FAT2: Cafe Andessa


I was awed with how much yummy food Cafe Andessa served us. I also believe the owners are kindred spirits from the Bicol region because of the many Bicol-inspired dishes that was served. I know I'm going to start blabbing, so let me share with you photos of the gastronomic delights that we sampled.

The Sinugba is a dish that's going to make you eat more (pampagana!). I loved how the vinegar mix  cooked the raw tuna. 

Kamote is not just musical fruit, was served coated and with a sweet dip.

I'm not sure what this fish is called, but it was very tasty and definitely not oily.

Calamari, just couldn't get enough of it.

The binugtong (not sure if that's the right spelling) is something I am very familiar with because I always make sure I eat one whenever I visit Bicol. It's suman to the next level.

I'm not really sure what this dish was, but it was very tasty too. 

I'm pretty sure no one else managed to taste this sweet pork dish except me and Juned. When it was placed in front of us we looked at each other and agreed that we were going to keep it all to ourselves. LOL

Bicol express pasta! I put myself to shame with this dish because I was only able to eat a couple of fork-fulls, it was really spicy! Spicy but definitely delicious.

Pork liempo, another dish that Juned and I kept to ourselves. LOL.

Laing, ahhh another Bicol staple food. Authentic!

Turon with ice cream. You'll definitely eat it even if you're already full. 

Tokwa't baboy is one of my favorite food.

Sizzling squid.

I can't imagine how much food I ate that day. I'm not also sure which dish I'd call the superstar because everything was delicious. Hmm... hmm... no I really can't, but if there's one dish you should definitely try because it's unique, it's the Bicol Express Pasta. I don't think you'd find the same dish anywhere else. 

Cafe Andessa
Number 2, Cabantian Road, 
Carpio Subdivision, Buhangin, 
Davao City
+(6382) 302-9314


  1. nagutom na naman ako!!

  2. we didn't get to sample the other dishes, but i definitely have my favorites in cafe andessa. :)

  3. @chikletz me too!

    @hana grace I miss being in Davao! Imagine all that yummy food!

  4. yummy naman nung tokwa and squid.

  5. This place is amazing! I need to go back there again to try out other dishes. But for those considering to dine here, I recommend you try their Choco Banana Fritters ala Mode for dessert cuz its one of the best I've tried. You can read my review of this resto here: