Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paradise Island Beach Resort, Samal Island

The last time I was in Samal Island was 2 years ago and it was really a pleasant experience. I made sure during our trip to Davao I'd be able to sneak in a few hours (even it meant waking up really early) to visit the island again.

Our friends, the panggas Markku and Hana and new-found friend Maki, joined Sweetie and I on an early morning Samal Island adventure. I just got instructions from my Davao-based friend, Rex, and the resort, Paradise Island, how to get there. And it took us about 20 minutes only!

We first took a cab to Kilometer 9, Sasa Wharf (just tell the driver to bring you where you can get a bangka to Paradise Island or Costa Marina).

Then we rented a bangka for just PhP100 since we were just 5 people. If there's 7 and more you just pay PhP15 each.

Then we paid the entrance fee of PhP100 and dove in the inviting sea water! I loved the fact that the sand was almost white and there weren't any scary rocks that you might step on. And there were fish swimming with us!

And then we ate and ate and ate.

And then walked around a bit and found out that the resort had a bird sanctuary, rooms for rent and a massage place (by the beach)!

And then we hurriedly hopped in another bangka to get to Davao City in time for our first Davao FAT adventure at Tadakuma. 

How to get to Samal Island the Lakwatsera way:

1. Take a plane to Davao.
2. Take a cab to Kilometer 9 Sasa Wharf.
3. Take the bangka either to Paradise Island or Costa Marina.

And you're there na! It just takes 15 to 20 minutes from Davao city (and nearer if you go straight from the airport).

Taxi from Davao City: approximately PhP120
Bangka (ferry): PhP15 each (or pay PhP100 to charter one if you're less than 7)
Entrance fee at Paradise Island: PhP100 each
Food: inexpensive, we just ordered a lot! (You can budget between Php100-200, may fruit shake na yan!)

Other info:
Paradise Island Room Rates: PhP1,700 to 2,500

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Island Garden City of Samal
Davao del Norte
Philippines 8118
+63(82) 233-0251/234-1229/300-2343

If you're afraid to get lost, go give Manong Bong Roldan a ring +63920-8559978. He's the nicest taxi driver ever and you can also hire him to give you a day tour of Davao.


  1. galing talaga ni Manong taxi driver... doubles as a tourist guide ! :)

    this was my 1st time in Samal, and I love it. It's a quick getaway from the city. The quickest getaway from Manila is Batangas in the south and Subic in the North, and both take at least 2 hours to get there.

    Samal is just 20 minutes away from Davao city. It's great to relax and go to the beach.

    I'm hoping to see more of Samal the next time I visit Davao. :)

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  3. Nice write up and great photos. Good to see them offering WiFi, too, not that you shouldn't be enjoying the beach instead.

  4. Your blog is really helpful, thanks! :)

  5. Hello, I was planning to go there tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. Erm, they said the entrance fee is 150, i don't get it. Then you just said 100. Others said the food is also VERY expensive. Did you bring food with you?

  6. @Maria I wrote this post 3 years ago so rates may have changed.

  7. Hi. Do u know how much the water activities and massage cost? Thanks