Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mos Burger (Singapore)

Some friends based in Singapore have been recommending Mos Burger to me. I never had the time to try it out in the past though, but luckily Sweetie and I chanced upon it during our trip. We were already tired and hungry and a bit lost (was looking for Pepper Lunch again) when we passed by the shop at the basement 1 of Ngee Ann City.

I would say that Mos Burger's burgers is on a different level. It's not your usual fast-food burger fix. I ordered for the Mos cheeseburger and was surprised that it had salsa (or whatever it was) in it. It was yummy!

Sweetie, on the other hand, tried out the rice burger with scallops (limited time availability). He said that it was "interesting" and was okay. I was unfortunately too weirded out to try it out haha.

Their beverage cup reminded me of Twitter :)

Food price range: SG$2 and up

Must try: the bestseller Mos Burger cheeseburger (I'll probably try out other burgers next time)

The Lakwatsera's Rating: I'll definitely swing by Mos Burger again when I get the chance to go back to Singapore. I'm actually craving for a cheeseburger now.

Mos Burger
B1 Ngee Ann City
Orchard Road,

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  1. I heard it's yummy nga daw. I gotta try the next time we go to SIngapore.