Friday, February 19, 2010

Bugis Junction (Singapore)

One of my favorite places in Singapore is Bugis Junction.

At the ground level there are a lot of stalls selling anek-anek (a.k.a. girl stuff) like trinkets, shawls, watches, bags etc. and unique finds. I remember buying a lot of stuff from the stalls there, an apple trinket, cool spoon & fork earrings and many more. I also always end up buying shirts for my boys at the boutiques and enjoy window shopping for clothes at the upper level stores (I try to resist buying for myself!).

When I'm done shopping I just usually head over to the food court and choose whatever I fancy. There's Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian and other cuisines. Last time I was there with Sweetie I had pasta since we already had Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Thai food and my tummy was already acting up heh.

Here's the pasta I had.

And Sweetie's pepper-something dish.

Price range: for shopping, depends what you want to buy, trinkets go for as low as a dollar; food would cost you at least SG$5 a dish, depending on what you want to eat, beverages at SG$1.30 a glass

Lakwatsera's Rating: favorite place of mine, I usually go every time I manage to go to Singapore and oftentimes cross to Bugis Night Market for additional pasalubong shopping

To get here: get off at Bugis MRT

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