Monday, March 2, 2009

Krung Thai

Krung Thai came highly recommended, so I thought that I definitely had to try it out the next time I went to Marikina. That day came last weekened when I attended the wifi-testing of SM Marikina. We headed to Krung Thai after the event.

I'm not into spicy food. So Sweetie and I ordered food that wasn't spicy. This is what we had (all photos by Sweetie):

Spring rolls for appetizer

Pork Satay

Pad Thai

Thai Style Iced Tea

Gail, Marc, Sha and Karla had crab rice.

Migs had this set meal, veggies with bagoong rice. 

The food was relatively cheap and there were a lot of families coming in and out to eat. Krung Thai is definitely an alternative to the usual fast food. I liked the spring rolls (though it was a bit oily). The pad thai though tasted more like mee-goreng and the satay lacked the taste of peanuts (I think it tasted more like Indian barbecue than Satay). 

Must have: Thai iced tea

Can do without: Satay

Price range: PhP150 per person (servings are huge, so you better share)

The Lakwatsera's Rating: alternative to fast food


  1. pamatay yung Bagoong rice nila ate!


  2. nakakagutom naman ititch!
    i love the thai ice tea, pamatay ano?
    cool pictures too :)

  3. hello! are you from marikina? how can i get to krung thai?

  4. @chyng you can get directions from my hubby's blog -