Friday, September 19, 2008

Cebu Food Vlog

There must be something about traveling down South since I always, always gain weight whenever I head there. I wonder if the air over there is peppered with vitamins? Hmmm...

It's been a month since I posted here at Lakwatsera Ako... that's because I've been so much of a Lakwatsera I have had much time to blog! Accckkk!!!

Anyway, I did promise a part two vlog for my Cebu trip and this one's all about FOOD!

Prepare to get hungry!

AA BBQ, Lahug
Really inexpensive place where you'll get overwhelmed with all the different varieties of meat and seafood that could be barbecued.

Mooon, The Walk at the Asiatown IT Park
I thought that it was a Chinese restaurant! I was very wrong though and was pleasantly surprised that they served Mexican food. We got so excited with the menu and ordered food good for 6 people! Good thing my best friend showed up so we had someone to help us finish the food.

Casa Verde, The Walk at the Asiatown IT Park
Ahhh the best and most inexpensive steak in the country (I believe so)! Also had a sinful ice cream cake. I must've gained 5 pounds over dinner.

Of course it's quite easy to go to Cebu and see the sights! Here's how I did it -
1. Booked a flight via Cebu Pacific (and I finally got to see the new NAIA terminal!).
2. My best friend picked us up at the airport, but whenever I don't have someone to get me I just usually take the taxi.
3. I do a lot of business in Cebu so to get around I normally either take the taxi or if I'm just going around in Lahug I just take the jeepney.


  1. I have to agree with you about the steak at Casa Verde. It is quiet expensive, but some of their dishes are also affordable. If your into chinese food, you should try dining at Big Mao or Dingquaqua at JY Square Mall. They have the best siomai and lumpia, and you also have the option to try their eat all you can.:)

  2. @james thanks for visiting! I'll keep that in mind next time I visit Cebu =)