Sunday, February 24, 2008

Relaxing in the Philippines

Whenever I'm stressed (or when I simply have time) I indulge myself by getting a massage or going to the spa. I'm happy to share that I've managed to squeeze in some "me" time whenever I travel and these are the places I go to outside of the metro.

1. Cebu - Body & Soul. I usually go with my best friend for a full body massage. There are quite a number of branches scattered all over Cebu City.

2. Davao - I unfortunately forgot the name of the spa, but it's beside Basti's (coffee shop). They give the best foot spa!

3. Kalibo - Sampaguita Gardens Resort offers a huge discount for its to its guests. I enjoyed my body scrub a lot since I was the only one being serviced late in the evening. Whoever fixed the interiors of the spa really took pains in fixing it up and the atmosphere contributed a lot to getting me to relax.

4. Cagayan de Oro - Ban Sabai. It was my first time to have a Thai massage and I was quite surprised that the foot massage included having your legs high up in the air. I couldn't help but giggle and started feeling ticklish. My friends wanted to bonk me in the head since I woke them up.


  1. Hey there, thanks for the tips. If I may, I just want to complain about this FOOT SPA I went to at SM Fairview. Well, the spa was not the problem. I loved it, it was my first foot spa ever. I guess after all the travelling from Pennsylvania to Manila, with a toddler, the massage made me fall into a deep sleep and I looked so 'wawa' on that chair!!! LOL. I went with my mom. The problem was, the pedicure. I don't even know why salons try to get something out of a bottle of polish that has nothing in it anymore. It was the most awful nailpolish ever.

  2. whew. are you paid to travel? if so, you're lucky! :)

  3. hi aileen. you really have interesting blogs especially the ones that features your trips. by the way, have you ever thought of organizing a blog day meeting for bloggers? that would be great since we only see each other online. thanks.

  4. @jeanniethedreamer - yes there are some spas that do not really give good service. My legs are very sensitive and I've experienced getting black & blues in some spas :(

    @zirquera - nope, the things that I feature here are just by-products of my downtime at work =)

    @dominic - thanks dominic! I had 2 last year - Taste Asia - and I'm planning a couple more this year. I'll probably announce it in my main blog =)

  5. Hi Ate Aileen! The Foot Spa place is Hair Studio in Victoria Plaza along JP Laurel Avenue. :)