Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Precious Moments in Kalibo

I've been to Kalibo several times, most of the time as a passageway to Boracay and once for work. I never did have time to look around since I was usually rushing about. A few weeks ago I actually stayed a night at Kalibo, still for work, but it was such a pleasant surprise to find out that I was going to stay at Sampaguita Gardens Resort. Sampaguita Gardens Resort was built by Sam Butcher, the founder of Precious Moments, so you can imagine my delight when I saw Jojo's Christmas Cottage.

I was grumbling on the flight from Manila to Kalibo since the jampacked Domestic Airport made me grumpy, but when I realized I was going to stay at an interesting place I couldn't help but ask questions from the resort's driver who picked me up at the airport. It was drizzling when I arrived but this did not stop me from exploring the place. The resort has a lot of stuff to see and there are educational tour packages (costs between PhP56 to 246 with food) and you can go swimming as well for a small fee.

Here's what I saw:

convention center - that's where I did my talk

a 43-foot aquarium
- quite a number of fish, I don't know though what kind

Oriental Flavors
- fine dining restaurant (will blog about what I ate there soon)

the SJB Mansion
- the presidential suite overlooks the ocean and the mansion is filled up with furniture and houseware from all over the world (including a 300-year old bed)

The Spa
- I had a body scrub treatment in the evening and it was truly relaxing, most especially since I had the place to myself.

Jojo's Christmas Cottage
- I spent quite a lot of time there chatting with the employees and asking about the dolls. I ended up buying 2 sets. I'll blog about that soon.

Precious Moments Meditation Chapel
- the chapel from the outside looked gorgeous, it was unfortunately closed.

Sammy's Circus Rides
- I tell you, seeing the ferris wheel and boat made me feel like a kid again.

I unfortunately missed going to the Precious Moments Gallery since my time was limited and I had to catch a plane. Well, check out the photos below.

If you find yourself on your way to Boracay or Iloilo I strongly suggest spending a night at Sampaguita Gardens Resort or set your meetings/seminars/conventions, their packages are quite affordable. Room rates range from PhP1,000 to PhP3,000. You may call them for reservations at +(6336) 264-6556 or 264-3422.


  1. Thank you for this post. I'm not a precious moments fan but this is interesting and something new!

  2. Hello there! We're going to stay in Bora from April 15-18 and we're staying overnight at Sampaguita Gardens before catching our flight back to Manila the next day. God, I am more excited now that I came across this post.


  3. thanks for your post...

    i would like to buy one set of the doll...

    may i know where can i buy they online??

    thanks. my email is

  4. Are you attending the upcoming Ati ATihan? :)