Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lakwatsera Goes to Boracay

At Sur Boracay Resort. Photo by Sweetie

So, let's talk about Boracay, the place where everybody seems to obsessed about going to. I must have been the last one to go to Boracay among my friends and the excuse I got to go? Work. Back in 2005, my advertising agency dragged me to Boracay to oversee a photo-shoot (oversee and be part of it pffftt). The shoot had to cover the Boracay lifestyle since we were preparing materials for a property development so we just had to go island-hopping, experience the nightlife, the food, shopping and how to relax in Boracay (spa). The only thing I missed out doing on that trip was swimming on the beach (yeah yeah it's truly hard to be a girl) and I wasn't able to do that as well when I brought Miguel in another trip.

And so I planned on a weekend getaway as a surprise Christmas gift. I booked tickets last October and thought that I could just go and backpack. Good thing a good friend got Sur to host my stay and I'd say I love staying at Sur, most especially since it's located at the quiet side of Boracay (Station 1). Check out the place in my Sur video.

Lakwatsera in Boracay

This is the only time that I've been to Boracay for a vacation. Probably 95% of my posts here at Lakwatsera Ako are by-products of business trips. I don't really get to go around nor relax since I'm always tied up by an engagement or appointment. I must say I was honestly, overly happy that I finally had a small window for a short vacation.

So, what did I do in Boracay? I ate, I swam, walked and walked, shopped and slept (and let's not forget watching the PBB big night).

I Ate - I have bits and pieces of the places we tried out in Boracay. We stuck to a budget of PhP200-250 per meal and read restaurant recommendations searched on Google. Check out some posts I've done about a couple of Boracay restos here at Lakwatsera Ako.

I Swam - I finally got to swim in Boracay! I don't really stay in the water coz I like sun-bathing better, but I'd say that I enjoyed the cool clear water. I like seeing my feet when swimming, so Boracay's white powdery (or should I say sugar-like?) sand is just perfect. I just couldn't understand why the fish kept biting my feet!

Walked and Walked - we explored where Station 1 led to and we ended up at Diniwid Beach. Since the trek was quite far we ended up swimming and having snacks before walking back to Station 1.

At Diniwid Beach.

Shopping - I've managed to curb my "travel shopping spree addiction" when I went overweight on one trip and I realized that it takes me a long time before I actually use the stuff I buy, but it was a joy looking for pasalubong for Sweetie's family and friends.

Sleeping - well, isn't that what one normally does when on vacation? Sur more than fulfilled my "bed" expectations. I would've made nenok the pillows LOL, I wonder where they bought it.

The Boracay Budget

Airfare - approx. PhP4,500 (Cebu Pacific will soon have flights to Caticlan)
Accommodations - approx. PhP7k per night (they gave us the family room which had 2 rooms that can accommodate 5 people)
Land Transpo (tricycle) - PhP200/day
Ferry (Caticlan-Boracay-Caticlan) - approx. PhP200 (roundtrip)
Meals - approx. PhP250/meal
Pasalubong - PhP500 - 1,000 (depends on the amount of stuff you want to buy)

How to get to Boracay (from Kalibo Airport)

1. Ride the orange tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the van station for Caticlan near La Esperanza Hotel). Cost: PhP80.
2. Ride the van to Caticlan. The trip would take about 90 minutes. Cost: PhP100/person.
3. At the port pay the following: environmental fee (PhP50), terminal fee (PhP50), ferry (PhP19.50).
4. Just take the tricycle to your resort/hotel upon arrival at the Boracay port. Cost: PhP80 - 100.


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  2. ganda naman ng boracay wish i can go there too ^_^

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