Saturday, May 12, 2007

Passing Through Vigan

Ahhh Vigan, the quaint city in the north that’s known for its cobblestone street and longganisa.

I didn’t realized that Vigan would be quite a huge place. I thought the whole place had cobblestone streets. The famous street (see photo below) was a strip of old structures just a stone’s throw away from the town plaza and the well-known Café Leona. We just stayed in Vigan for a couple of hours, taking photos and eating ice cream at McDo (whose structure looked the same as its branch in Intramuros).

We walked around for a while and saw the following:

Vigan Church

Famous cobblestone street

Café Leona

And, of course, we ate the famous Vigan Longganisa at Cafe Leona

How much it costs to get there

Bus – PhP100+ from Laoag which is almost 2 hours away (call Partas Bus Lines at +632-7257303/1740 or 4101307 or 0918-4727827 for the schedules)

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