Saturday, May 12, 2007

An Overnight at Laoag

Last weekend I managed to see Laoag very briefly. Laoag is located in North Luzon and is approximately 12 hours away from Manila by bus.

I didn't get to go around Laoag. We were fortunate enough to stay at Fort Ilocandia, but only got to see the beach in the dark (find out what I saw in the dark in my ghost blog). The Laoag International Airport was indeed very interesting. It had brick walls, same as the airport structure of the airport in Bali.

We were in a bus most of the time and I basically just saw nice old churches, the town plaza and plantations. I'd want to go back there someday though and enjoy the beach!

How much it costs to get there

Bus – PhP700+ one way from Manila, take Partas Bus Lines (call them at +632-7257303/1740 or 4101307 or 0918-4727827)
Fort Ilocandia – minimum PhP5,300+ per night
Meals – minimum PhP200

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