Friday, March 26, 2010

Golden Cowrie Restaurant (Cebu)

Golden Cowrie is one of my favorite Cebu restaurants. I've been going back since the first time I ate there back in 2004. Unfortunately though in the past few trips I have been unable to dine at Golden Cowrie. Luckily though I was able to dine at Golden Cowrie during my last trip to Cebu. Here are some of the dishes we ordered:

Tuna Fingers 

Crispy Pata (Juned would be envious)


Gulaman and Halo-Halo

Price Range: PhP100-250 (per dish)

Must try: tuna fingers, sinigang, crispy pata (everything!!!)

Can do without: I dunno, I so far like everything they offer

Lakwatsera's Rating: go back, again and again 

Golden Cowrie
Salinas Drive,
Cebu City
*they also have a branch at SM Cebu


  1. sarap!! fave ko ito at lighthouse in cebu. sa lighthouse naman gusto ko yung lechon de leche nila na minumurder sa harap mo using a platito haha

  2. @Jasper haven't gone there. Maka-sched nga ng lakad sa Cebu :p

  3. looks so exotic to me! I would like try one day!

  4. @Ola hope you visit my country soon!