Thursday, March 11, 2010

Antonio's (Tagaytay)

I've been to Antonio's twice and was quite surprised that the branch at the highway closed down, so we had a hard time looking for it (3G wasn't working so well so it was hard to get map info). It was a pleasant place to go to and I thought Drew would like it. Good thing Sweetie saw the signage and we finally found the place.

Jay, Miguel and I went downstairs ahead of Winston, Mica and Drew since they were still taking photos at the first level. Little did we know that they were having a mini-heart attack after seeing the PhP13,000 price tag for the steak (which we clarified later on). Drew and Miguel had the tapa and they said it was delicious. Jay got an omelet while the rest of us got pasta.

We were quite disappointed with the food since we found it quite bland (no value for money there). I don't remember what I ordered in my previous trips but I remember the food was okay. Anyway, the ambiance of the place made up for the disappointment.

Antonio's/Breakfast at Antonio's
(has 2 locations in Tagaytay, we went to the farther one)
Price Range: approx. PhP500/person

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