Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boracay: Inasal

Whenever I travel to the Visayas and Mindanao region I never fail to eat chicken inasal. I think it's the region's specialty and you'd find a restaurant serving inasal anywhere. Boracay's no different, there's Island Chicken Inasal -

Pa-a (Chicken Leg/Drumstick)

and Mang Inasal and a lot of other restaurants that serve inasal. There are quite a number of Mang Inasal branches nationwide. I discovered it last year when I was in Capiz and I was pleasantly surprised when they opened a branch in SM near where I live - unfortunately they don't serve their atsara in Manila. I tried out their pork sisig (yummy!) and Sweetie ordered the bangus.

Pork Sisig


Island Chicken Inasal is located at D'Mall near the ferris wheel. Mang Inasal is located at D'Talipapa (I don't recall if they have a branch at D'Mall, I think they do).

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