Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boracay: Bite Club Grilled Burgers

Much as one tries to enjoy eating vacation food (read as: not fastfood), eventually you'd end up craving for some fast, easy, and greasy food. I remember scouring the internet for places to try out in Boracay, but some were quite far to trek so we ended up taking the chicken way out and went to D'Mall. We noticed that Bite Club Grilled Burgers was always filled with people and noted that if it wasn't filled-up we'd try it out. We got our chance when we had a late dinner the second night.

Here's the menu:

The way it works is: (1) choose a patty (the 1/4 lb. was really filling), then (2) choose your topping.

I chose the club burger and the blue cream cheese topping.

Sweetie chose the burgerella (1/4 lb. pattie, mozzarella stuffed) with hickory smoked bbq sauce.

And, of course, some potato wedges on the side.

I was a bit scared to take my first bite since I'm used to the regular fastfood burgers, but I was very ecstatic after my first bite because the burger tasted a lot like Dayrit's burgers and I looooove Dayrit's. I'd longed for Dayrit's to re-open at Magallanes after they tore down the place. Good thing they're back, but it would be better if they were located near where I live, I'd probably eat there everyday.

Bite Club Grilled Burgers is located at D'Mall in Boracay, near the now-functioning ferris wheel.

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  1. Sarap tingnan ng Burgerella at ng potato wedges :D

  2. love bits clubs burgers, its never bland, laging malasa

  3. i miss this burger. nakalimutan ko pa yung name. bite club pala. i actually googled "boracay burger" then u showed up on search list. hehehe.

  4. One word to describe it: Yummy!

    I would love to come back at their place. I hope its Katipunan branch is still open.

  5. One word to describe it: Yummy!

    I hope their Katipunan branch is still open.It is a great place to eat if your craving for burgers.