Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Night in La Union

I was a bit disappointed with La Union, perhaps the resort we checked into wasn’t one of the popular ones. We were supposed to go to the Seaside Beach Resort in San Fernando La Union, but ended up at Cabana Resort near Bauang, La Union because the bus conductor forgot to let us off at our stop. Grrrrr!!!

Anyway, we had a bit of fun at the resort, chatting the night away at their pool and cozy room where we recorded Bobcast #8, the pink Bobcast, where the Bob Girls overpowered The Abe. Listen to Bobcast #8 “Sleepless in La Union” for interesting insights on our Friendster status’, ligawan, and Abe’s hypothetical question.

The photos I took weren't really great because it was raining, so I ain't posting any . I guess I should go back with Anne so I can really see the beauty of La Union.

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