Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Melbourne: Bad Boys Gourmet Burger Bar

I love eating hamburger. I usually go for the fast food type since it's more convenient to get. I also make tasty Japanese hamburger every so often at home. My favorite restaurant burger though is Dayrit's since I've been eating there since I was four years old.

Last May I had the opportunity to visit Melbourne together with my boys. We were so hungry on our first morning since we were not able to eat a proper dinner. After a quick check of nearby restaurants on Google Maps we ended up at Bad Boys Gourmet Burger Bar.

The place is a bit hard to find since it's location is not on the street side. It's located in the middle of two streets behind a couple of shops. If you think about it the location makes it a bit more special. It's a hidden burger gem!

I ordered a cheeseburger with onion rings and a drink. I was a bit overwhelmed with the size, but I finished it! The burger was cooked perfectly. Moist, a bit juicy with some crunch. I love how the flavors mixed and as much as I thought it was too big for me. I finished the burger.

Hope to visit Melbourne again and go back to Bad Boys Gourmet Burger Bar!

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