Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lahore Lakwatsa

I had a very funny experience at the Lahore airport. When we went out a group of reporters ran after our group. Our guide quickly blocked their way and told us to board the car immediately. We then rushed out of the airport premises to do some shopping. Later in the day our guide told us that the reports though I was a famous pop singer! LOL! 

We went to a complex that had boutiques selling clothes. It was really hard to choose a dress and Badar's wife had to decide for me. I only brought sneakers with me so I had to buy a pair of sandals to match my new dress. I was amazed at the locally made selections. They could rival those made in Marikina! Again Badar's wife had to choose my sandals for me. 

We checked in at a lovely hotel and antique Rolls Royce was on display at the lobby. It was owned by the highest ranking government official back in the 1920s. My guy friends checked out every nook and cranny of the car. 

The next day we spent some time shopping and I couldn't help but admire the garments and cloth. It's amazing how much handiwork goes into each cloth and dress, very much unlike what we use back home. 
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