Saturday, December 1, 2007


Baguio for me holds the title of "coldest city in the Philippines". I've not been to Baguio on the "ber" months and I'd say I think I'm going to hold off going back unless it's summer or the first half of the year. It's really coooooldddd!

It's quite easy to get to Baguio from Manila. All you have to do is take a bus (Victory Liner) which costs PhP380 one way (deluxe is PhP600) and there are loads of hotels you can stay in - either at the city proper or go try the Camp John Hay Manor Hotel (a superior room at PhP4,600 per night can accommodate about 3 to 4 people). The huge numbers of cabs also makes it easy to get around the city. I recommend walking from SM Baguio down Session road down to the Baguio Public Market and then walk a bit more and you'll get to Burnham and a stone's throw away is Cafe by the Ruins. Walking also helps keep one warm.

Tried out Cafe Volante as recommended by ProjectManila. The pasta and pizza were very tasty and the apple pie was quite yummy too. Cafe Volante is located at Session Road (beside Greenwich) and is open 24 hours a day.

Here's the spaghetti and meatballs -

Here's the pizza (forgot to take a photo before eating!)

Here's the uber-yummy apple pie -

Fresh strawberry milk shake -

Ate breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. Cafe by the Ruins has been around for the longest time and the last time I was there was about a decade ago with college friends. Noteworthy to order are the longganisa, tapuy and umm basically everything since it's all organic.

Cafe by the Ruins is unique for its interiors and they favor the arts as well.

Smoked ham with pineapple served with fresh fruits and organic rice

Spanish omelet served with fresh fruits and organic rice

Ruins Coffee

And I gained at least 2 pounds in just 30 hours! Argghhh....

Baguio Expenses:
Bus - PhP760 (round trip)
Accommodation - PhP4,600 (Manor; you can get places for less than PhP2,000 as well)
Food - PhP150 - PhP200 per meal
Taxi - PhP25 flag down; average of PhP40
Pasalubongs - Php40 for lengua, average PhP75-Php100 for choco flakes/peanut brittle


  1. Ain't it too cold to go to Baguio? Kung sabagay, may nagpapainit sa yo this days. Bwhahahahaha.

  2. haha, i was in baguio the whole (long) weekend. di kita nakita sa SM Baguio, hehe. We went to Volante too. =) sobra lamig.

  3. its been 2 years since i last visited the fabulous city of baguio. need to comeback na.. hi lakwatsera nice blog mabuhay po.

  4. nice blog.. san ba masganda pumunta sa Sagada o sa baguio city?