Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have very happy childhood memories of Dayrit's. My Dad used to bring there there as a child and I would always ooh and aah about how huge their burgers are. I must say they have the biggest burgers in town (that I know of) and I was really, really sad when they had to close their Magallanes branch for a long time because the whole place was bulldozed for new developments. The Buendia branch was just really too far and well, I love the Magallanes branch coz that's where I've been going since I was a kid

It was only last night that I finally managed to finish off one whole cheeseburger. I know I should've measured the diameter of the burger, but I was just really hungry and after taking a photo I just dove in.

What makes Dayrit's burger special is its, well, special sauce. I don't really know what goes in it, but it's been the same burger since I was four years old. It's meaty, juicy and has the right mix of spices and mayonnaise (I looooove mayonnaise!!!). Dayrit's doesn't only have burgers, they have an extensive menu (that I haven't tried because I'm loyal to their burgers) and my Dad, friends and colleagues said that everything is yummy and malasa.

Here's a photo of the roast beef Sweetie had last night:

Dayrit's has been around for decades (I dunno how many) and you just really got to go there and eat! They have a branch in Magallanes and Buendia (QC? not sure).