Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bistro Ravioli

It was Jay who introduced me to the wonderful, yummy world of ravioli eating! I had my doubts, but when we finally found the location of Bistro Ravioli at SM Mall of Asia we dropped other plans and immediately dined in.

Bistro Ravioli offers fresh pasta, brick over baked pizza and ravioli (no rice dishes at all). You can also watch their chef prepare your food by the resto window. I was transfixed watching the pizza being swirled by the chef. We've eaten at bistro ravioli several times and here's some stuff we tried:

Italian Sausage Ravioli in Romesco Sauce (PhP190)

Sausage Ragu (PhP190)

Margherita Pizza (PhP250)

All the dishes we tried were sumptuous and filling and you can share most of it. They also have family sizes. We haven't tried the pesto dishes, I heard that it's one of the most ordered from their menu.

Bistro Ravioli
SM Mall of Asia
(2nd floor near the middle entrance, department store side)

Price Range: approx. PhP300/head (with drinks)

Must have: ravioli (of course), I love their pizza too!

Lakwatsera's Rating: we've tagged it as one of our favorite restos at the SM Mall of Asia 


  1. wow i love ravioli! especially the one in Italianni's

  2. I love Ravioli, too! Thanks for the tip, Ai! :)There's a good ravioli here on Rufino St, Legaspi Village but it's quite pricey. :D