Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Tokyo: Umareshi-ya

I never knew there was a gem beside Makati Cinema Square. The area called Little Tokyo. I have long ignored this place since I didn't think it was a good place to dine in, but I have long wondered why a lot of cars were always parked in the area. May ginto naman pala kasi dun.

It was Nina's idea to have a "meat-all-you-can" evening since she said she was in the area that day. So we found ourselves (Jay and me) with blogger-friends Juned, Jayvee, Maro, Winston, Nina, Fritz, Coy, Sha and Karla. Rochelle and Panda San joined us too.

I didn't really know what to expect. Nina just said, we'll eat as much meat as we can and just bring PhP500 each. We entered Little Tokyo through the grocery fronting Pasong Tamo. I ended up buying 3 bottles of milk tea to sample for my tea blog. We wanted to try out the Japanese ice cream, but Fritz said that they weren't that frozen anymore.

The experience was quite different from shabu-shabu. We were served different kinds of meat for 45 minutes. Mix of beef, pork and sea food which we had to grill. We took turns cooking and eating and were quite full half-way through the alloted time, but since Rochelle and Fritz kept cooking, I ended up eating a lot and surprised myself by finishing almost 2 bowls of rice.

We all smelled like grilled beef after eating, but hey it was a fun experience! I'd like to visit Little Tokyo again soon and try out the other Japanese restos in the area.

Little Tokyo (map)
2277 Pasong Tamo
Makati City
*it's in front of Herald Suites


  1. WAAANT! We must Little Tokyo in September.

  2. Si Hamster-san naging panda XD

    It's a fun group activity no? Mausok nga lang. Next time try Kagura (specialty: okonomiyaki) and Hana (specialty: takoyaki and cubic steak), and for lunch, Seryna (get their lunch set, Php 350 for chirashi sushi or tempura bento)

  3. @Nina si Winston may sala kung bakit naging "Panda"!!! I asked him kasi LOLz. We'll definitely go back there!

  4. Soon, asap, ajora mismo, na miss ko bigla when I saw this (takam takam)

  5. Little Tokyo is a hub for all authentic Japanese cuisine, from Kikufuji(Ramen), to Sereyna(bento box), to Hana(takoyaki balls), to Urameshi Ya(yakiniku). they even have their version of Ministop there(Choto Stop).

    i wouldn't recommend Urameshi Ya though for those who are near-depravation state. hahaha. that's how we are when we used to prowl the area. we are so gutom that we want foods arranged and prepared only a minute. :)

  6. @Cafemobility I agree coz you still have to cook.