Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lakwatsa on the Google Mapmaker

Google recently launched the Google Mapmaker in the Philippines and this allows you to tag places, landmarks and all those fabulous places you've been too. It's amazing how it allows users to generate content on a blank map, check out this timelapse video of how Pakistan's map was quickly filled out -

I've been checking out the Google Mapmaker in the Philippines since it was made available about 3 weeks ago and I must say that I groaned about the fact that there were a number of blank spots on the map - the Fort, Mall of Asia and Marikina area, but if you go check it out now there's a lot of stuff on it already!

And this is good for us lakwatseras and lakwatseros because with good maps it would be easier to get around. So if you love to travel and know a lot of good places you might want to contribute some stuff about your neighborhood or favorite vacation place in our country on the Google Mapmaker. It's easy, check out the guide here.

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