Monday, December 10, 2007


I always tell my foreign guests when they visit me here that they are required to gain at least 5 pounds before they leave. Two full days here in Manila and that goal is easily met.

Our country I would think has the most delicious food anywhere in the world since we use a lot of spices and pampalasa. Each region also represents a different type of cuisine. Northern Luzon is known for bitter and exotic dishes, Bicol for spicy food, inasal and different seafood dishes down South. I always gain whenever I travel in any part of the country.

But, my guests always have limited time whenever they visit and the no-brainer choice is, of course, Sentro (located at Greenbelt 3) and what to eat?

Crispy Pata, a cardiac delight

Sinigang na Corned Beef

Huge smiles due to full bellies

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  1. the best yung sinigang na corned beef and garlicky adobo!!

    order the sago't gulaman and coffee pie too.