Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Beautiful Churches Around the World (Part 1)

Our family traveled a fair bit when I was a child. One of the places my parents loved going to were churches. The most memorable one I remember visiting when I was a child was the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I just remember being happy and excited to see the huge church and that was also when I learned about catacombs. Since then I made it a point to visit churches whenever I travel. Here's a few of those I've visited in the last few years -

Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore

This was the church where I first attended mass in Singapore. My brother had brought all of us to Singapore for a short vacation. This photo was taken last Christmas when we heard mass with Mom. The church underwent renovation for a few years and I heard won a heritage award. 

St. Bede's Church, Sydney, Australia

I immediately fell in love with this church when I heard mass there last December. It's a quaint, small church near where I usually stay in Sydney. It's a great place to worship and be grateful for the blessings God provides.

Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul, Korea

I did not have the chance to enter the church since the steps were too steep for me. The church was really beautiful from the outside and I now regret not going in since the inside looks amazing based on the photos I saw on Google Images.

St. Francis Church, Melbourne, Australia

Heard mass in this church with my boys last May 2017. The church has a beautiful nook for Mama Mary which is worth another visit. I hope to visit this church again when I'm back in Melbourne. 

St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

One of the most beautiful church I've visited in my entire life. When you step in the church it's like going back in time. I am amazed how they had built a structure like this in 1788. We spent another hour after mass just exploring the church. 

Church of St. Teresa, Singapore

This is now where I regularly hear mass when I'm in Singapore since it's near where I live. I love that the church is bright and spacious. I always remember St. Teresa because my Mom is her devotee and my sister is named after her. The community is also awesome.

St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Kalibo, Philippines

This church will be forever in my memory because this is where I became a godparent for a wedding for the very first time. 

St. James the Great Parish, Alabang, Philippines

I always go to this church for weddings of friends. I think it's the perfect church for weddings.

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