Saturday, June 25, 2016

Toy Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo is a haven for collectors of anime. If you love going to Greenhills, you would absolutely go gaga over Akihabara -- the mecca for collectors. I have been there a couple of times, mainly to buy stuff for my boys and friends who ask me to buy books for them. I've gotten lost a couple of times, but I think I managed to master the area a bit during my last trip to Tokyo.

How to Get to Akihabara

Take the train! The tricky part though is finding the right exit. Akihabara station is I think one major interchange so it houses several train lines. Unlike Singapore, Tokyo train lines do not interconnect so it gets really confusing when you have to transfer lines and to find the right line to get on. Akihabara station has a gazillion exits so I suggest you check Google Maps prior to going so you'd know which exit to take. The station has maps on the walls as well so that could help. Easiest way to find your way is to use Google Maps and set it to walking mode. Be ready to walk more than 10,000 steps when you go to Akihabara.

How to Find the Toys & Books You Want

My boys and friends want a wide array of things so I've had to learn where to get the items. Good thing my Japanese colleague was very helpful and after sending my list to him his friend gave me ideas on where to get the items. The area is big and there are a gazillion shops you can go to, so it's important to do some research before you go to Akihabara so to save time and making too many steps!

Popular Anime Toys and Books

Currently showing anime items are easy to find. You can start with the gachupons lined up everywhere in the area (and usually some are inside the train station!). There's a smattering of stores on Chuo Dori Street, but I usually frequent Animate. I get lost in there for at least an hour to an hour and a half because they have 6 floors (if I remember correctly). I usually take the lift to the top floor and work my way down. There are other shops near Animate which I also go to (particularly the one at the corner) and they usually have more souvenir type anime items like mugs, notebooks, clocks, ID holders, stuffed toys, pens etc.

Collectors Items and Hard to Find Books

I learned about Mandarake from a friend. He insisted it is the place to go to for collectors. It's a hidden gem in Akihabara and a bit off center. It's worth the walk though because it is a place where you could buy collector's items like Transformers masterpieces, first generation toys, items for modeling, hard to find books. I think it has 6 or 7 floors and has a floor just for adult anime books (which I have ended up in because of "the list", I did get a lot of funny looks waving around "the list" but the folks there were very helpful). If you're buying a gift and need help just approach any of the staff and they will help you.


Buying gadgets? Robots? Drones? Equipment to build a robot? Android stuff? There's a huge building just beside the station -- Yodobashi building. My uncle had to buy a cable and I was surprised to see that it was a gigantic building just selling all sorts of gadgets and appliances. I'm not sure though if it's cheap price-wise (I found gadgets to be cheaper in Singapore), but you can go check. In another area near the Gundam Cafe/Electric Town Exit there's an area that sells electronics (tiangge style). That's where I saw robots/drones/equipment to build stuff being sold. There are also a lot of electronics shops across Akihabara, but the most interesting time to be there is during New Year where they have special offers and sell lucky gifts (forgot the term for this but you can actually get lucky and get a Nintendo if you pick the right gift). Specialty shops (like Sega) abound as well in the area.

Food and Other Things to Experience

With all the walking you do you'd eventually get hungry and you'd need to rest your feet. I have gone to Gundam Cafe and it was an interesting experience. I like eating at Denny's though because they have a wide array of food choices and they have Philippine mangoes! For dessert I discovered a French cafe at Atre Akihabara 1 (3rd or 4th floor) and their strawberry cake is to die for! Of course there's a lot of sushi/ramen/gyoza places in the area and a Starbucks if you absolutely need to have coffee (the vending machines are much more fun though).

Pasalubong and Extra Bags

If you need to buy pasalubong, there's Don Quixote near Animate. Allot at least an hour as well for that place, but you'll definitely finish your pasalubong shopping there.

Shop too much and need a bag? There's a place near Animate where you can buy an extra foldable bag for just Y1000 (only PhP400 more or less). I already have a collection of this bags from over-shopping!

Need to find something? Just do some research on Google and use Google Maps to find the place. 

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