Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Zurich Experience

My experience of Zurich is pretty limited since I was there for work and my view was limited to the ten minute walk to work (haha). I got the chance to dine out but was too shy to take photos

I attempted to take photos while walking to work. I failed miserably though since my hands were freezing and I couldn't properly operate my camera with gloves. Halfway to the office I gave up and turned off my camera coz it was just too cold. I had to focus on keeping myself warm and couldn't multi-task. Hopefully I'd be able to take better photos in my next trip.

Just like Singapore, Zurich is managed efficiently by its government. The tram and buses are always on time and snow is shoveled even before you can go out of your residence. Everything was clean. I missed the sun though. 

Just outside of the hotel.

The steps to the hotel restaurant was covered with snow in the morning.

I'm glad the water did not freeze over.

A small hill on the way to the office. It was bright white the next day.

The Google Zurich office. 
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  1. Congrats Lakwatsera!

    You've really come full circle! More luck with the camera next time... bitin ang pictures...hehehe!