Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cebu: The Original AA BBQ

The Original AA BBQ in Cebu is one place that we frequent whenever in Cebu because: (1) they have every imaginable Pinoy food that can be BBQd; and (2) it's very affordable! I was in Cebu with my boys a few weeks ago and we thought we'd head there for dinner because we were all really hungry and wanted down-to-earth Pinoy food.

When you dine there the first thing you need to do is choose what you want to eat. Just get whatever you want and put it on a tray, turn it over at the end of the line and then look for a table. A waiter will then approach you for additional orders (rice, drinks, soup etc.).

We went crazy and got so much stuff to eat.

Pork barbecue. 

Spicy longganisa and hotdog. 

Yummy scallops (we got 2 trays!). 

Pampaalis sawa, mangga't bagoong. 

Standard inihaw na liempo. 

The special sawsawan. 

Food for three haha. 

We thought we ordered too much, but we ended up finishing everything.

We ended up walking back to Asiatown IT Park to do penance for eating to much haha. We had some dessert after at Brown Cup which is located at the far end of Asiatown IT Park (yes, it was a looooong walk!).

Anyway, after burning off everything we ate I was too tired to walk to our hotel, so we ended up taking a very short cab ride. I'm looking forward to another pig-out session at AA BBQ when I'm in Cebu with my boys.

The Original AA BBQ  (map)
Salinas Drive, Cebu City
*it's beside Crowne Garden Hotel


  1. hello! it's nice to know this. i'll be going to cebu this september and i think i'll go to this place and try their scallops, they look delicious!

  2. I stayed in Crowne Garden Hotel thrice, but i never went there. Now i regret it huhu. Di bale, may next Cebu trip pa naman ako for sure :P

  3. Wow, just like Larsian's. Everything looks yummy to me. :)