Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cebu: Dessert Factory

I was hungry and wanted to eat at Sunburst last week when we visited Cebu. We were already outside of Sunburst when our Cebuano friend, Evan John, suggested we dine at Dessert Factory which was just a few meters away from where we were.

We were greeted by a fridge full of yummy looking cakes! We stood there, mesmerized, for awhile despite the fact that the server already gave us a table. Haha. We eventually managed to tear ourselves away in front of the fridge and settled on our table.

The menu was simply amazing! They had a lot of stuff to choose from, but what caught my eye was the "boneless crispy pata". Without a second thought I ordered it and just mandated my boys to help me finish it.

I like eating crispy pata (much more so when I'm eating it with Juned), but one thing I have a hard time doing is peeling off the meat from the bone. I like my crispy pata, crispy and chewy. I like hearing the skin crunch when I bite into it and love it when the meat absorbs the sauce. And Dessert Factory's boneless crispy pata aced my requirements. Definitely something I'd like to eat again when I visit Cebu.

Sweetie and Miguel ordered dessert. I was so busy with my boneless crispy pata I forgot to sample their order.

Jayvee ordered corn dogs and said that they were delicious too.

Dessert Factory is more than just a place that serves dessert. If I had the pleasure of visiting Cebu again I think I'd like to visit it several times so I can try out their other dishes.

Dessert Factory (map)
Ayala Center, Cebu City

Must have: boneless crispy pata

Price range: cakes at PhP50++, meals at PhP100++

Lakwatsera Rating: definitely coming back when I visit Cebu again


  1. i will prolly try this by august. will be in cebu then.

  2. How much is the boneless crispy pata? I'm really curious

  3. @akari11 around PhP275 or PhP475, it's good for 2.

    @approximately lost I only managed to eat half.