Monday, June 6, 2011

Calamansi Muffins in Boracay

My friend Jayvee lot no time in telling me that I should try calamansi muffins when he found out I was going to Boracay. He also reminded me to get some when I arrived in Boracay, so I asked around and found out that you can buy them at "Real Coffee" (it's located in a nook near Astoria/Zuzuni).

Rezza bought a dozen and we sampled it after eating a hefty lunch. The calamansi muffin reminded me of Becky's Kitchen lemon squares. I had a hard time finishing one because it was siksik (packed), more siksik than Goldilock's buttered puto hehehe. I loved it though and Rezza mentioned that we both grew up with parents who love lemon squares.

Well, case closed. So if ever you are in Boracay you just gotta sample calamansi muffin. It's available at "Real Coffee and Tea Cafe" which is located between Astoria and Zuzuni. Also say hello to Mamma Lee, the owner of the cafe.

The muffins cost PhP45 each and you get a discount for a box of 6, 9 or 12.

Real Coffee (and Tea) Cafe
Boracay, Aklan
Tel. No. +63-36-2885340
(located in a nook in between Astoria and Zuzuni)


  1. I love the calamansi muffins there! :) Last time we also ordered omelette that's quite pricey. Hehe

  2. Nakapunta na ako dyan, pero hindi ko pa natitikman yan :|