Monday, April 11, 2011

Makati Supermarket Coffee Shop

Makati Supermarket Coffee Shop has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and the spaghetti they serve is the best spaghetti in the whole wide world!

Aside from spaghetti they also have other yummy dishes like this spare-ribs. It's best paired with tuna potato salad.

My son loves their fish and chips too, although I forgot to take a photo during our last visit. Anyway, you might want to try their beverages - mango shake and sago't gulaman -

Must have: spaghetti!

Price range: the spaghetti is just PhP109 (large plate) and beverages cost approx. PhP40, rice plates are between PhP150-200

Lakwatsara Rating: I've been going to this shop for over 30 years now :)

Makati Supermarket Coffee Shop (sa Alabang)


  1. The spaghetti looks tempting! Please promise to take me there once I set foot in Manila again!

    Please please please?? I am a spaghetti person, Ate Aileen!!!

    You should take me there!

  2. @Avel of course! Just let me know when you'll be here :)

  3. Hahaha. I thought this is in Makati. :P Mukhang ang daming laman ng spaghetti ate ai. :)

  4. My aunt has been cooking that spaghetti since I can remember. We used to hang out at the now defunct Makati Supermarket where the very first one was served (back when Landmark wasn't even built). She tells me that it is her own recipe. She still cooks for the Coffee Shop in ATC even though she's supposed to be retired already.

    For first timers, it's a real treat. You won't find anything anywhere that tastes similar. It's Filipino style spaghetti at it's best.

    At home, she cooks a killer papaitan too (she's pure Ilocano).

  5. @Alain please send my love to your Aunt and my heartfelt appreciation for her yummy, yummy spaghetti! Hope to catch her one of these days at ATC (I wish!) so I can thank her personally for her creation.

  6. I've been eating their spaghetti since I was a kid. The last time I ate there was 8 years ago. And I was so happy when I found it again at Alabang. Best spaghetti in the world indeed (and best bread and butter)!

  7. i love love love this spaghetti, and i grew up eating this at the original makati, they also have this in greenhills, inside the supermarket :-)