Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don Supremos at Splash Island

When I saw the 50% off entrance fee offer for Splash Island by one of the group buying sites I immediately bought three tickets. I used to pass by Splash Island often, but never got the chance to come and visit. Before March ended we found ourselves at Splash Island -- just 15 minutes away from our place (barring heavy traffic).

When we got there we looked for a hut to rent so we can leave our bags in it. Unfortunately all the huts were taken so we ended up renting 3 lockers (PhP100 each!). Anyway, we went around first to see what was in-store for us at Splash Island. There was quite a number of food stalls (you're not allowed to bring in food and drinks), souvenir stalls (hats, shirts, decor stuff etc.). And of course, slides and swimming areas.

After leaving our stuff in our tiny lockers we decided to take the river to get to the Don Supremos slide. It was fun and reminded me of a similar experience in Bali.

The slide we chose was three flights up and we felt cold while waiting for our turn, but we soon got our chance because a huge group decided to wait for their friends. Sweetie went first and then I followed. My-oh-my! It was an experience reminiscent of a longer slide I went on in Bali. It was like a horror ride because the tube was dark and you don't really know what's going to happen next. My mistake was lying down and crossing my arms (I was protecting my underwater cam). It made me go down faster.

Good thing Sweetie was waiting for me at the end of the slide because my knees were shaking so bad I couldn't get up! Hahaha! Pretty soon Miguel swooshed out of the tube and we all had one thought about the experience, "We survived!" We didn't try any of the other slides after that. We then headed to the wave pool. I just stayed at the "shore" watching kids since I felt tired after riding the Don Supremos. Also, I just had to giggle everytime someone rode the zipline! It was so low! You can actually bump someone on the head if you weren't careful. Hehehe.

After awhile we got hungry and had some merienda at one of the inihaw stalls. Also had some cotton candy! And my Splash Island souvenir is a Plants vs. Zombies Repeater which Sweetie got for me <3

Also would like to thank Beach Hut for sending samples of their facial and body sunblock. It was certainly useful even though we didn't go to the beach!

Splash Island (map)
Dr. Jose P. Rizal Highway
Binan, Laguna

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