Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Look at Sonya's Garden

A few months ago we visited Sonya's Garden with friends. There were a lot of people during our visit so we only got the chance to buy some plants and baked good. We wanted to have lunch, but the place was full so we were forced to look for another restaurant (ended up at Antonio's).

My sister's in town, so we thought we'd bring her to Tagaytay for some fresh air. Our first stop was Sonya's Garden. This time around we got to see other parts of the secret Tagaytay garden.

The Country Store. I immediately fell in love with the takatak "chimes" and got one for the house. My aunt got some orchid tree seeds (she gave it to my Mom for planting haha). Also found a lot of spa stuff, hand-crafted cloth and other home materials.

Sensuous Spa. One day I will go back and have a heavenly massage!

You can also buy spa oil/scent/soap etc. from the store.

And don't forget to get some yummy baked items!

Sonya's Garden (map)

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