Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zamboanga: Pasalubong

I only found out that most of the sardine brands can their products in Zamboanga. I don't remember the exact number (was it 11 or 17), but most of the popular brands according to Mayor Celso Lobregat work with the local canning factories. Wow!

And I was mighty surprised to see Spanish sardines being sold at the airport and hotel shop. Here's one I bought for my husband who I noticed loves Spanish sardines (I also got one for my Dad who loves it too):

Aside from the usual durian candy etc. I noticed a unique pasalubong find at the airport -- the Lokot-Lokot. I tried to ask more info about it from the store, but the clerk just said, "Lokot-lokot". Okay, so it's made of rice, flour, oil, sugar and water. Juned and I tried one stick at the airport and after one bite he said, "Bagay `to for ice cream!". It's true. When I got home, the boys and I tried it out, and it's as perfect as eating ice cream with barquillos.

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