Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping: Dapitan Arcade

A few weeks ago my high school friends kidnapped me one early morning to check out the Dapitan Arcade. It was my friend Mercy who planned the escapade. I had never heard of the place, but she said there was a lot of Christmas stuff I could get at really cheap prices. She also mentioned that some of the photos from doing a Google search showed that bauls were also available at the place.

I had just moved in to a new home and need some storage boxes for my bags, linen and towels, so the prospect of buying a baul excited me. So off we went one early morning. We arrived at Dapitan Arcade at around 8 in the morning. Most of the stalls were still closed, but they opened one after another. There was indeed a lot of Christmas decors available, as well as ceramics and bauls!

My hoard consisted of some Christmas decors -- a Santa Claus candle holder and chimes, paper plate holder made of basket material (I forgot what it is called), and a baul set (3 boxes!). I spent less than one thousand pesos for the stuff I bought -- PhP600 for the set of 3 baul (tawad from PhP750!). I wanted to purchase a couple of ceramic houseware, but realized I had no space for them at home. My friends got some Christmas decors, bags, ceramics and a baul. We just stayed until ten in the morning since it got quite warm already and then had breakfast at Burger King around the corner.

All in all, I had a great time at the Dapitan Arcade. The prices were really affordable and the store keepers were nice and accommodating (unlike in Divi!). Next time I think I'll get more storage boxes (take note though I had to put lining in it by myself) and some ceramic houseware -- a cookie jar maybe! =)

Thank you Mercy and Chare (and Chare's tita) for the fabulously fun day!

Dapitan Arcade

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