Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pasta Pinangat at Small Talk Cafe (Bicol)

Legaspi City, Albay. The last time I visited Legaspi was back in 2003 and things were very much different there back then. I was only there for about 24 hours and that meant I only had one meal where I could choose the restaurant to eat at. My friends Karla and Sha recommended I either eat at Waway or Small Talk Cafe. They highly suggested I go to Small Talk Cafe.

After shopping for some bags I boarded a tricycle and had the driver bring me to Small Talk Cafe. It was located at a side street and the entrance looked similar to the old Cafe Lupe in Pasig. I was really hungry and eagerly went in the empty cafe (it was just 5 in the afternoon). The food server handed me a menu and immediately scanned it for Bicol dishes.

I am a Bicolana, but my Dad says I'm hilaw since I'm not fond of spicy dishes. I was happy to hear when the food server said that the Pasta Pinangat was not spicy.

Pasta Pinanganat

I love coconut milk dishes and pinangat is something that we always have whenever we are in Bicol. My favorite Tita Olive cooks it on wood. My Mom has a suki at the Naga Market where she buys as well to bring home to Manila. It was my first time to try Pasta Pinanganat and I absolutely loved it.

I wanted to order another plate, but thought I should try out another dish so I ordered the Pasta Mayon (pinanganat ravioli with tomato sauce). I felt quite sheepish ordering another dish, but the food server seemed to understand (and probably thought I need to gain a little weight heh).

Pasta Mayon

Sweetie is a huge fan of ravioli and I immediately SMSd him about what I was eating. I thought it would be strange combination, pinanganat plus tuna tomato sauce. It was great though and I was surprised that coconut milk plus tomato sauce would go so well together. I felt like I died and went to heaven.

There were several pili desserts but most had chocolate in it. I decided to try out the pili pie.

I actually ate about half of it before I ordered the Pasta Mayon so I was really stuffed already. The pie was packed and heavy. It was yummy though, not too sweet, not too nutty, just right. Maybe next time I'll try the dessert with ice cream on it.

After eating the three dishes I had a hard time hauling myself out of the cafe because I was so stuffed. It was an absolutely great experience and I hope I'd be able to go back and visit Legaspi again soon.

Price Range: I just paid PhP250 for the 2 dishes, dessert and a glass of calamansi juice. PhP150 would be enough to order one dish, dessert and a glass of calamansi juice.

Must try: Pasta Pinanganat

Just okay: Pili Pie

Lakwatsera's Rating: I want to go back now!

Small Talk Cafe (map)
Dona Aurora Street,
Legaspi City, Albay
Bicol Region
Phone: +(6352) 480-1393 or 437-8708

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