Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Yummy Chocolate Hills

My father-in-law thought that the Chocolate Hills were just small hilly mounds, probably because of how the Nayong Pilipino depicted it when it was still open. Anyway, we only managed to go up one hill and thanks to Dolly for telling us to go up via the ramp and not the stairs. She said that it would be much easier to go up that way. We were on top of the hill in no time and started taking photos of the hills.

According to our tour guide there are really about 1,700+ Chocolate Hills but the local government only considers 1,268 as pure Chocolate Hills since the others had trees on them. Some of the hills had some greenery on them and I'd like to dub them as "Minty Chocolate Hills" since they remind me of the yummy "Goya Mint Chocolate".

It's quite unbelievable though how much beautiful sceneries we have in the Philippines. From beautiful white sandy beaches, to awesome diving sites, to the perfect cone shape of the Mayon Volcano, to just about anything and what's great about our country is most (if not all) of our tourist places are natural and not man-made. I always get teary eyed whenever I see one of our beautiful sights. It reminds me that despite everything that's happening we have so much opportunity and resources to get us out of our economic rut.

Anyway, enough about that. Here are some photos of the Chocolate Hills.

Some of the minty Chocolate Hills.

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