Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort (Cebu)

Each and everytime I go to Cebu I always try to allocate some time to go to the beach. The beach is usually where I am happiest and I enjoy it immensely whenever I'm with my best friend. Things have changed in the past few years and we now go with our spouses, but we've always gone to the same place in Mactan since I started going to Cebu 6 years ago.

The idea to go to Maribago Bluewater came from Amor Maclang. I was in a meeting with her when she asked if Mica and I were going to Cebu. She asked us how long we were staying and if we had time to go to the beach. I told her that Andrew and I were actually flying in early because we planned to go to the beach. In just a few moments things were set and we were scheduled to go to Maribago Bluewater.

I was really excited to go to the beach (any beach actually). To swim. To get a tan. When we arrived at the site we were brought around to check out the rooms and facilities. I immediately loved the place and thought of a similar-looking place I've been to in Bataan, but Maribago Bluewater was definitely prettier.

 The rooms were spacious.

The toilet and bath was definitely interesting (looked like a spa).

And the clay pot with water is quite handy since I hate getting my feet dirty.

Don't worry the sharks are in a different pond.

We were all sweaty and ready to plunge into the water when we were served the Bluewater pandan-calamansi concoction. It was yummy and refreshing! After downing the drink we all headed to the water and swam for a couple of hours.

Of course, we were served freshly grilled seafood. Sarap!

After lunch we took a dip in the pool and soon had a relaxing massage at the Amuma Spa. I rarely fall asleep whenever I get massages but the masseuse possessed some magic and put me to sleep. I woke up because both Sweetie and Ria were staring at me! LOL.

Thank you for the fun, fun day Maribago Bluewater, Rhyz and Elaine!

Here are more photos from our day in Bluewater:

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Maribago, Buyong
Mactan Island, Lapulapu City 6015
Cebu, Philippines
+63 32 492-0100 / 232-5411
+63 32 492-0128 to 129

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  1. shark feeding? i never thought there are sharks in my birthplace. oh well, i have never gallivanted the treasure trove of scenic spots in my humble homeland, plus the fact that i am not really a beach person, so i would surely not know.

  2. @Cafemobility they were in a small pond far away from the sea.