Saturday, June 19, 2010

Be Resorts, the Place to Be!

I can only say that summer is complete for me when I've gone to the beach. I almost thought that it would be another incomplete summer for me because it was already mid-May and I didn't have the chance yet to go to the beach. I usually head to one as early as the first week of March so I was getting antsy.

Drew and I made plans to go to the beach when we were in Cebu. I was surprised though when we were invited by Garry Garcia, general manager of Be Resorts. After checking our schedules I gladly accepted the invitation to visit Be Resorts.

We got to Be Resorts late afternoon and was welcomed with an awesome view of the sea as we alighted the van. The doors of the hotel served as the picture frame of the beautiful beach. The last time I saw something like it was in Bali. The beach was like a magnet and we immediately headed towards it, but before reaching the shore we were shown the indoor activity center. It was really cute and looked like one of the rooms at the Googleplex. I was drawn by the tiny sofa set for kids.

After taking some photos of the activity room we went further down to check out the beach. It was too late though to take a swim since I had another appointment. I almost couldn't resist getting my feet wet. I just contented myself by taking more photos and breathing in the salty sea air. I love going to the beach because it brings back happy childhood memories and I always feel at home when I'm by the sea (and I have a preference for Philippine sea shores).

The sun was posed to set already so we headed back to the hotel lobby where we met Garry. He gave us an overview of the hotel and mentioned that it used to be the Cebu Microtel. I told him that I was amazed about the place since my best friend always brought me to another resort in the area. I used to see the place from afar but thought it was a condominium project and not a hotel. While relishing us with stories about nearby islands we should visit we were served some really yummy food ordered by Garry. We thought we weren't hungry, but ended up finishing what was served (an array for fushion Asian cuisine).

I definitely enjoyed my short stay at Be Resorts and hope that I'll be able to come back someday and island hop as Garry mentioned. Be Resorts had two important elements I look for in a beach resort: (1) a lovely beach where I could actually swim, and (2) a fabulous place to relax at after frolicking in the beach. Oh! And I absolutely loved the interiors and furniture (everything from the best furniture designers and makers of Cebu!

Thank you Garry and Andrea for hosting us!

Here are more photos of Be Resorts:

Be Resorts is located at Mactan, Cebu:

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Be Resorts
Punta EngaƱo Road,
Mactan, Cebu, Philippines‎


  1. I love the view of the beach at Be Resort!

  2. i love the view too and the fact that it's like an easy escape from the city.