Monday, May 17, 2010

Lucban's Pahiyas Festival 2010

Last Saturday I joined Samsung's trip for bloggers to Quezon. I joined because I wanted to do a vlog about my Dad's hometown, Lucban. Despite the heavy traffic which messed up our plans it was just a great day to be in Lucban.

Here's my vlog about Lucban. Most of the footages I used were shot with the Samsung SMX-F400. Hope you appreciate the video since I'm still learning how to (1) edit (2) take proper shots (3) do scripts and (4) do voice over (hehehe).

I want my friends to experience Lucban on an ordinary day so they can better appreciate my Dad's hometown better. Here's a few things you shouldn't miss when you go to Lucban, Quezon:

1. Lucban Church
2. The quaint little plaza
3. Palaisdaan
4. Batis
5. Hardinera and pancit Lucban at Buddy's
6. Pasalubong list: longganisang lucban, broas, puto seko, apas, tikoy, and buy some pancit lucban miki
7. Pancit habhab
8. Kamay ni Hesus

You may also want to take a peek at a previous post I did about Lucban, go here.


  1. talaga, aileen?! my dad is also from lucban :-) i love lucban and all the lucban stuff you've mentioned :-) - reggie/

  2. Hi Lakwatsera, you should really buy a tripod. It will make your video shots so much better. I really liked the voice over, very lively. :)


  3. @Reggie I wanna go back! I have one. I'll bring it next time. Thanks! :)