Saturday, January 3, 2009

Singapore: Chilikong

Satay or barbeque for us Pinoys is a staple food in Singapore (and a lot of other Asian countries). One can order it in pork, beef or chicken (or other variants depending on where you are). I tried some in pork and the "combo meal" at Chilikong was served with some vegetables and loads of chilli! (The chilli was too hot for me!)

Another must-have dish recommended by my colleague is the mango chicken. It really looked delicious! And I'll probably try it out on my next visit.

8 Shenton Way (formerly Temasek Tower)
#B1-20, Singapore, 068811
Phone/fax: (65)6222-0047


  1. omg, its almost midnyt here at bigla ako ginutom!maryosef! yum-oh! to die for!!!

  2. @gratitude oh yes, that's what this blog is for teehee